The Department of Computer Science offers three undergraduate tracks: Computer Science, Bioinformatics and Software Engineering (with the Faculty of Engineering). We also offer joint programs with the departments of Math, Chemistry, Physics and Geology and a minor in Computer Science for Humanitys students. Candidates are welcome to register to any of these tracks through the students administration web site.

We we are committed to high teaching standards and believe that high admission criteria are important for their maintenance. High admission criteria also protect candidates from facing challenges with which they are not likely to cope. Thus, the department admits only excellent candidates that are able to both to cope and enjoy the challenging programs.

Our scoring takes into account Psychometric Entrance Tests (PET) grades with special emphasis on the quantitative part and matriculation grades again emphasizing the math exam. The updated formula can can be found in the students administration web site.


  1. Admission criteria for Bioinformatics and for Biophysics/Bioinformatics (joint with the Chemistry Department) are somewhat higher than those of the other tracks.
  2. Note that the registration is still NOT 100% on-line. Specifically, an autorized copy of your matriculation grades need to be physically accepted in the students administration before your registration is processed. Please read the instructions in the registration site carefully.